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Peer to Peer Processing Interface

I am hoping to provide a specification for an interface between Raspberry Pi machines to allow Peer to Peer Processing.

The concept behind this idea is that each Raspberry Pi machine will run an interface on either port 80 or port 443 possibly an apache or lightweight webserver to provide the interface and software on the device will provide a result via the post that will be read by the sending device.

Data would be Posted to the server either via a get or post parameter with the data in xml format, with the reply being returned again in the same xml format.

The basic XML structure is proposed as follows:-
XML Tags Opt/Mand Notes
<RaspberryPi Version="1">    
FromPi Registration Hash Code
FromPi Contact Email
FromPi Contact Phone
A Unique Id To Identify the request
Mandatory if replying
success or fail
Mandatory if replying
Description of error in data
Mandatory if replying
data or ftp or http


Mandatory if replying
0 - 20 minutes 0=returned in <data>

Mandatory if replying and delivery type = ftp or http
url to pick up data
ToPi Registration Hash Code
ToPi Contact Email
ToPi Contact Phone
Mandatory if replying to processing request - taken from input xml
Processing Rules
if required by ToPi service
Data to be processed by ToPi

Any data in the <Package><Processing> record should be first zipped and then base64 encoded, this allows any processing rules to be transferred in without causing parser issues - we suggest that any rules should be in ToPi xml format.

Any data in the <Package><Data> record should be first zipped and then base64 encoded, this allows any data whether it is csv,xml,images etc to be transferred in without causing parser issues.

Once the data has been received a reply message must be returned

The data returned should be in the same format as that being sent except that the FromPi and ToPi details are reversed.

The suggested

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