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At Last its arrived

The Raspberry Pi arrived from Farnell this morning 30th May 2012 - I only ordered it in December 2011 - its a bare board and its tiny - I can see this being embedded in loads of devices.
Nothing with it so will have to install from scratch.

Lets take a look at the board from front - assuming Raspberry Pi logo defines rotation of board - So on this side we can see the hdmi port.
Raspberry%20Pi%20from%20front showing hdmi port

Rotating Right we can see the 2 usb slots and the ethernet 10/100 interface
Raspberry%20Pi%20rotated%2090%20degrees%20right showing Ethernet and USB ports

Another 90 degrees right and we see the Video, Sound port and the IO Interface
RaspBerry%20Pi%20rotated%20180%20degrees showing video and sound output

One more 90 degree rotation and we can see the micro usb power port to the bottom right of the picture.

Finally a view of the underside showing the port for the SD card.


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